what animal are you?

A wolf :)

Do you have a girlfriend?

I will die alone

can't stop reblog your photos

Oh, thank you :)

favourite strain?

That I’ve tried? I’d go with Blue Widow (Blueberry x White Widow)


Meh, I dont really like blunts… I’m more of a paper person, but I do smoke them on occasions :)

I like to use my hookah, what do you like to use the most?

I like to use both bongs/joints, but normally I smoke joints :)

rap songs you know by memory?

Wiz Khalifa - Dont Lie

Eminem - When I’m Gone

Wiz Khalifa - Taylor Gang

Wiz Khalifa - Runways

Mentenguerra - Grita


I love your blog so much


I am dead serious. After all, its not the camera that does magic, its the photographer and his/her editing skills :)

what camera do you use

iPhone 4 on the normal camera app :O

good blog x

Thank you x

is everything in your life okay?

I am happy right now :)

greetings from russia!


favourite rapper?

Juicy J

Well, thanks ! That helped me so much ! Sometimes, we just start to think, maybe I'm wrong, and I'm the problem. I think a lot to give that person a second chance, you know, maybe we just started with the wrong feet ! (It happened me with one of this friends). But when I try, that person, is nice on the front, but for who can see it, it is just beeing ironic and stuff...

Yeah… Well I don’t know about the second chance thing. I don’t know the person, therefore I can’t really give an opinion. And I know its stessfull… I am going through so much shit right now too, and I’m here not giving a single fuck. And thats something you should learn; try to solve everything without taking the most of the problem into your heart, and simply ignore it. And it works, trust me :)